Sunday 9 August Woollahra

In His presence I am in awe

How come I don't come here more?

In His presence there's so much Peace
Bountiful amount of Joy, it's like a feast
Feast full of Joy, Peace and Laughter
I want this forever after

Why would I not spend more time in this place?
Instead to rush off and continue in life's busy pace?

Oh Lord, I want more of You each day
What more can I say,
Thank you for being You
Thank you for loving me too

You are full of Mercy, Kindness and Grace,
Thank you God for Your embrace.
Thank you God for the Love that You show,
You truly are a good God, I know.

Thank you for being in Your presence this day
what more can I say?
Lord I love you with all of my heart,
please guide me so I never part,
never part from Your presence for even a little while,
for I will be lost, a lost child with no smile.

Oh Heavenly Father, guide me as I come to You,
refresh Your Holy Spirit on me, through and through.
Do this daily I ask in Jesus' name,
because each day I don't want to be the same

not the same 'cos each day, I want to come closer to You,
to be more Christ-like through and through.
Lord, I want to be in Your presence more and more,
I bow down to You with my knees on the floor.
Sometimes not on my knees but dancing away 
singing You praises and rocking away.

If I take the time to look, you're not far, but by my side,
someone whom I can confide.

Lord in Your presence I am in awe,
I should come here more.

~Poem used with permission from author~