Sunday, 24 September Church Bulletin

Sunday 24 September Double Bay

Welcome to visitors this morning. Please feel open to join with this family of Christ for morning tea after the service.

Emmaus Walks: are being held 21-24 September.  A 3 day spiritual experience awaits around table groups, worship and meals.  Please discuss with Brian if you would like more information.

Pacific Disaster Planning: last year we raised over $12,500 to assist Fiji recover from Cyclone Winston.  Now Uniting World is asking us to assist with future proofing the Pacific islands for the next major cyclone before one hits.  Please assist if you are able so that the type of devastation that is still being repaired in Fiji will have less impact next time.

Bible readings in future weeks:

 Date                       1st Reading                              2nd Reading

17 Sept                     Exodus 14: 19-31                     Romans 14: 1-12                  Kay

24 Sept                     Exodus 16: 2-15                       Phil 1: 21-30                          Jack      

   1 Oct                      Exodus  17: 1-7                        Phil 2: 1-13                            Sue

    8 Oct                     Exodus 10: 1-4, 7-9, 12-20       Phil 3: 4b-14                          Soon

Food Basket for Newtown Mission: Food parcels for thoses in need.  Suggestion:  if there are specials, buy more than one.  Packed or tinned food only please.