Sunday, 16 July Church Bulletin

Sunday 16 July Double Bay

Welcome to visitors this morning. Please feel open to join with this family of Christ for morning tea after the service.

NSW Flood Donations: the Lismore UC is grateful for the $1,700 sent for food relief following the recent floods.  For further donations please see Katie if you can.  Thank you.

Bible readings in future weeks:

 Date                   1st Reading                              2nd Reading

30 July                 Gen 29: 15-28                          Romans 8: 26-39                Lynne

  6 Aug                 Gen 32: 22-31                          Romans 9: 1-5                    Synthia

13 Aug                 Gen 37: 1-4, 12-18                   Romans 10: 5-15                Jack

Food Basket for Newtown Mission: Food parcels for thoses in need.  Suggestion:  if there are specials, buy more than one.  Packed or tinned food only please.